4G LTE has been already mass deployed for several years, with the rapid growth of wireless devices and new types mobile services such as cloud-based operating system, VR, AR, Smart Transport, telemedicine etc, the current 4G LTE network is will not able to meet the future demanding wireless communication requirements. Therefore, 5G is coming in world-wide, and will widely applied in the industrial, agricultural, medical, educational, financial and environmental fields. Especially in China, technology of NB-IoT for 5G already started the trail run deployment For 5G, Sunstar has below products to offer

25G SFP 28 1310nm LR 10km: C-Temp, O- 70 Deg C, Available

25G SFP 28 1310nm LR 10km: E-Temp, -20 to 85 Deg C, Available

25G SFP 28 1310nm LR 10km: I-Temp, -45 to 95 Deg C, Under Development

50G BOSA, Under Development


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