Sunstar Communication Technology Co.Ltd was founded in 1998, with factory size 31,228.00 square meters, include one wholly owned subsidiary, headquartered inthe west high tech zone of Chengdu city, Sichuan Province PRC. Since establishment, Sunstar has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of optical communication components and transceivers and now vertically integrate our R&D and manufacturing capabilities in below areas, has been awarded 29 patents.

  • LaserBar Singulation, Sorting, Testing

  • Eutectic,Silver Epoxy, Flip-chip, Deep Cavity for BOX, COB, EML

  • TO-CAN:Cooled TEC and Uncooled, 1G-25G

  • Coaxial TO-CAN Based OSA, 1G-100G

  • Box Based OS include Tunable, 1G-100G

  • SMT (Surface Mounting Technology)

  • Optical Transceivers:10G SFP+, 25G SFP28, 100G QSFP28, 100G Single Lambda

  • Optical Cables and Connectors AOC, MPO, MTP

  • Fiber Array and Optical Precision Machining: Receptacles, Housings, Ferrules

Sunstar products and services are widely applied in PON Access such as GPON OLT & ONU: BoB or PON Stick, 10G EPON Triplexer or Diplexer OLT and ONU, XGSPON & XGPON OLT and ONU , Combo PON OLT SFP+(N1,N2a, D2), NGPON2 OLT and ONU, 4G LTE such as 10G LR Duplex and BiDi and 5G Wireless such as 25G DFB, FP, CWDM, LWDM, DWDM Duplex and BiDi in SFP28 Form Factor, Transport inlcudes 10G CWDM, 10G TDM ER & ZR, 10G DWDM ER & ZR, 10G BiDi ER & ZR, Datacenters and Cloud Computing inlcude 10G SFP+ AOC & SR, 25G SFP28 AOC & SR, 100G QSFP28 AOC, SR4, CWDM4; RFOG CWDM BOSA 2.5G 1270-1610nm Tx / 2.5G PD Rx CATV for Docsis. In addtion, our products also widely applied in Security Monitoring, Smart Grid, Industrial & Commercial Sensors such as 3D sensing and Lidar in automatic driving industry. Our valued customers include global tier one equipment and system makers, global leading transceivers and our business are wildly distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Sunstar creates a very crystal company culture: Customer Oriented,Quality Priority, Integrity and Honest Sharing. Under the guidance of thisculture, Sunstar people continuously making progress and committed to become a world class optical communication products company, providing our customers better valuable services and products.

Add:4F,Building D1, Mould Industrial Park,

No.199 of Xiqu Ave,West High-tech Zone,

Chengdu,PC:611731, Sichuan, China



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